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Digester Gas, Aerators, Collection Systems, Sludge Processing, Reuse Water, Pump Isolation, and Digester Heating. The PFA*-Fused ball resists buildup and has a zero leakage rate unmatched by eccentric plug and gate valves.

Hot Water & Steam Boilers, Make-Up Water, Low Pressure Steam, Condensate Return, Cooling Towers & Chillers. 4000 SERIES™ offer bubble-tight closure with zero leakage to prevent energy loss. The PFA*-FUSED Ball is resistant to corrosion from caustic scale treatments. With seating surfaces that are protected in the open and closed positions, Ball Valves easily outlast Butterfly Valves. Models 4000DV and 3700V feature grooved-end connections for easy installation.

Pressure Booster Pumps, Potable Water, DWV shutoffs, and Backflow Preventers. 4000 Series™ valves are lead-free and certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372. Ball Valves provide reliable operation for valves left in the open position for extended periods of time.

Annual backflow preventer tests can be a challenge to pass when the isolation valves leak. 4000 Series™ has a zero leakage rate that lasts for years even with infrequent use. It is difficult or even impossible for gate or butterfly valves to perform reliably even after one year, as their seating surfaces are subject to wear in the open position.

Models 4000D and 4001 are excellent alternatives to lubricated plug valves in low pressure natural gas lines. 4000D and 4001 require no lubrication or periodic maintenance.

4000 Series™ ball valves are a versatile platform for process and utility automation. Our application support team is ready to assist with specifications and customized delivery packages.

With recessed seats, straight ports, and easy quarter-turn operation for quick shutoff, 4000 Series™ are an ideal solution for hot tapping.

Commercial nurseries, crop farming, athletic fields, golf courses cemeteries as well as other large-scale landscaped properties use irrigation systems for their grass and plants. Models 3700 and 3700V are excellent choices. Both models are full port for maximum flow rate, have standard lockable closures for seasonal shutoffs, offer optional 2” square operating nuts, and feature drilled and tapped body plugs for draining or pressure relief when not in service.

The broad range of material capabilities make 4000 Series™ ball valves ideal to standardize a facility. Where fluid handling is automated, the PFA*-fused ball reduces torque and actuator cost.


  • More corrosion-resistant than balls made with unprotected metal surfaces. (Refer to any manufacturer’s chemical resistance guide for further information.)
  • Inhibits the buildup of lime, calcium, sludge, etc. that accumulates on a ball’s surface and prevents premature failure of the valve seats.
  • 4000 Series valves with PFA-fused balls can last up to ten times longer than valves made with unprotected ball surfaces.
  • The lubricity of the PFA-fused ball allows for lower torque ratings in any application, and eliminates ball pitting, prevents buildup, lowers torque, and stops premature valve failure.
  • Since PFA is actually impregnated .008” into the solid metal, it can’t wear, chip, or flake off.

*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon®*

American Valve’s 4000 Series™ is solution without compromise for facility, factory, and municipal managers.

Our design provides maximum flow rate free from obstruction. Seats are protected from wear, and automation is a breeze with low operating torque and an ISO standard mounting pad. 4000 Series™ ball valves are used in critical applications around the world where gate, butterfly, or eccentric plug valves cannot be trusted.

4000 Series™ flanged and grooved-end ball valves replace any traditional gate valve or eccentric plug valve. Featuring a patented corrosion resistant PFA*-fused solid ball, the 4000 Series™ is more durable, less susceptible to buildup, and longer-lasting than an ordinary unprotected ball.

With the same ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions as a gate valve or eccentric plug valve, and the convenience of quarter turn operation, the 4000 Series™ is the leader in ball valve technology.

*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon®*

4000 Series Wastewater Application


or Eccentric Plug Valves


  • Longer Life
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements
  • Easier to Open and Close (Lower Torque)
  • Less Power to Actuate
  • Class VI Positive Shutoff compared to Class IV approved leak rate for Gate Valve
  • No Wear Rate in Open Position
  • Ball Valve Handle shows Open or Closed Position


The rates listed are for brand new, factory tested
gate valves. Leak rates increase substantially once they
are in service. In other words, all gate valves are defective
before they are even placed into service.

Refer to the chart below for the leak-rate comparison
between the 4000 Series Ball Valve and gate valves.